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 Lively Detailing Inc.

             Mobile Detailing Since 1963

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Interior Detailing Interior Detailing Interior Pet Stains Its common to bring our pets inside our vehicles. Unfortunately they can make a real mess!!! Fortunately we specialize in pet stain removal. We also offer a fabric guard protection to help prevent future stains from penetrating the fabric. 197530897 Pet Hair Removal We cant prevent your animals from shedding. However we will be happy to clean it up... 197542610 Center Console The center console can be tough to clean all the nook and cranny's. Luckily we have all the tools to safely clean the tightest places in your vehicle. 197542611 Carpet Cleaning When cleaning your carpets we start by vacuuming all the loose debris. We then pre treat the carpet using a proper PH balanced shampoo. After agitating the carpet we follow up by using an extractor that heats the water up to 214 Degrees. 202922507 Mold Removal The first thing we do is find the source of the mold. Once that is detected we kill the mold using a carpet safe disinfectant. We then follow up by shampooing and extracting the carpet. Finally we use a ozone generator to kill all remaining mold. 202922508