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 Lively Detailing Inc.

             Mobile Detailing Since 1963

Photo Gallery

Trim Restoration: Before & After Trim Restoration: Before & After Trim Restoration: Before & After The objective of a trim restoration is to return the trim to its original factory color. We use two different types of restoration products. One is a Permanente restoration. The second is a temporary restoration which last about 8-12 months. 197530961 2005 Ford Ranger I used several different products to bring back the color. Unfortunately nothing would work... So the customer decided to go with our long term solution. 202913601 Trim Coating On this vehicle the customer was selling the car and did not want to spend a lot of money. We used a product that last over a year. 202913602 2008 Ford Escape I used several popular restoration products. This time it brought back some of the color. To bring the color back all the way we ended up using a special trim paint. Years later it still looks great!!!! 202913603